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Winning in the Experience Economy – Bill McDermott’s Legacy

I had the great opportunity recently at SAP's SuccessConnect conference to hear about their new concept Human Experience Management (HXM) – but is it new?

It made me wonder, where does this differ from the good old fashioned HR Systems of the 2000s to HCM and HR Cloud systems of the 2010s. In many ways, it doesn't, it's the ongoing evolution of HR solutions as Bill McDermott pointed out and now leaves SAP in good hands to move forward with.

New name, same challenges.

We should be focusing on the user experience, we should always be seeking appropriate feedback to improve how systems support us. For me, the purpose of the X in HXM is very much focused on the addition of Qualtrics to SAP's Intelligent Enterprise.

In time, the integration of Qualtrics with SuccessFactors with almost real time operational and experience feedback will be a major benefit, of this I have no doubt.

However, the challenges that exist today with implementing HCM systems won't change by replacing the C with an X.

While technology implementations can be difficult, the main challenges to a successful implementation and an engaged user remain:

1. Making big decisions early - what you do today will change. The quicker you realise this, socialise it and move forward as one organisation, the better.

2. Culture and behaviour – the product is constantly evolving. The sooner you understand how to adapt to this innovation cycle, the quicker you create value.

3. Adoption - you have to put the time in to listening and understanding what people do and don't like about the product, and take action.

4. Support – the relationship you have with the technology changes. Setting up a robust HR support model will be critical in influencing the roadmap.

We at Anchorstone have the people, experience and battle scars from many implementations. We have lived with the products, the partners, and the challenges faced in operational teams. We have built strong partnerships with all the main ERP providers which will benefit you in any engagement.

Forget whether it's HCM or HXM, if you are considering moving to the HR Cloud get in touch and we can help you understand what you really need to do to improve people's experience of using the system.


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